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Choosing the right color scheme for your party

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Probably one of the most fun/stressful things about hosting an event is choosing and planning your style and how everything will look and feel on the big day. A big head scratcher for most first time hosts is colors and color theory. Many questions like: what do colors mean? How can I see and visualize colors to see how they play together? Will the color scheme match the banquet hall's style and look? All of these are tough questions to answer, but we will do our best in this article to help you get and idea of how to get started if it's your first time at the rodeo.

THE 60/30/10 RULE

The only rule that truly exists is that there are no rules, but amidst too many choices, we can end up choosing nothing. That's were guidelines and principles such as the 60/30/10 Rule come in handy. In brief, this rule asks you to choose a dominant color that will take up 60 percent of the spaces, a secondary color using 30 percent of the spaces, and an accent color complimenting only 10 percent. This is a great principle for first timers to get a sense of how color palettes work together to make a theme or color scheme come to life. I will link a youtube video below so you can get a more visual explanation of what the rule looks like.


A great way to gather inspiration for vizuals is Pinterest. In recent years it has surpassed Google images as the most powerful image search engine. It's ability to give you suggestions based on your searches, as well as its powerful and accurate search engine makes it one of the best places to visit for divine inspiration. We recommend using search terms such as "wedding color schemes" or "quince color scheme" for some beautiful color schemes to use as comparison.


Adobe colors is an online tool to help you visualize different color palettes and how they interact with each other. You can upload a picture and it will analyze the image, showing you its color scheme. Make sure to also check out the trends section for further inspiration and images to browse to find the look you are searching.


Finally, make sure to consult your decorators and event planners. They will surely have years of expertise and can help you explore cool options you might not have considered.

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