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DJ, MC, or Band?

Every wedding has music. Music can also make or break a wedding celebration. How that music is presented can come in a number of ways, including a band, a DJ or an MC. Which one is right for your wedding is up to you, but many factors can come into play when making that decision.

A multi-piece band — especially with a horns section — is one of the most important aspects of a wedding to many couples. Finding the best band for your wedding can be a very extensive, exhausting and time-consuming process, and it also is the most expensive. If you can afford a band, this is generally the route many couples take, but it's not always necessary.

Including a large band at your wedding makes sense for a large, fancy, swanky event, as it fits the theme and glamour of an upscale wedding. At the same time, a smaller, local wedding band can be found at a reasonable cost. Live music has a number of pros, including experiencing the music in real time. It leaves open the possibility of spontaneity. Maybe someone requests a song, maybe the bride comes over, grabs the microphone and belts out some memorable notes that people catch on video to savor forever. On the other end, a band is limited to a specific number of songs that they can play, while a DJ, for instance, can pack a number of songs onto a playlist and have endless possibilities.

DJs are significantly cheaper than bands, and they also offer eclectic mixes of music for people of all ages. While the amount of music available to the wedding, as well as the lower cost to the bride and groom are the biggest pros to hiring a DJ for your wedding, other factors that can come into play include the fact that a DJ takes up significantly less space than a band, allowing for more real estate on the dance floor. Many DJs also MC, and an MC will make all necessary announcements throughout the night. They may be responsible for directing the flow of the wedding, which is an important factor.

No matter what you choose at the end of the day, make sure your band or DJ/MC make you feel comfortable, because music is one of the most important factors of your wedding. And if you can't afford a band, no one will hold that against you. People are there to see the bride and the groom, not a concert. But they are also there for a celebration, and celebrations are not complete without the party — a place where you will want the best vibes and music possible.

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